Our projects

Our projects

Our projects


The Primary Talent

Feature film. Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller

In the near future after an unknown phenomenon prevents humans from experiencing bodily harm, a struggling actor teams up with a detective to solve the first murder case in years.

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Real Estate. Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

We can offer an exceptional location for a film studio: a main pavilion with an area of 1440 square meters with a ceiling height of 17 m and a large entrance gate.

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Faraway show

Television/Web Series. Travel show

Our team decided to create a travel series without a political slant. It will highlight all of the most interesting, attractive and unique locations that will interest even those who have lived all their life in Mother Russia and were not even aware of her uniqueness.

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The Dark Tree

Feature film. Genre: Fantasy

The Dark Tree is the first part of a new fan-fiction trilogy based on the original Lord of the Rings trilogy. The film shows Middle-Earth after the destruction of the Ring of Power. The Middle-Earth is quite a different world after the destruction of the Ring of Power. The era of elves is coming to an end, while the human era is in full swing. Magic and wisdom depart from Middle-Earth. And though the Dark Lord fell, the ancient evil hid away in many hearts waiting for the one who will call for it.


Television/Web Series

Based on the best-selling eight-volume Russian fantasy series, Keeper of the Swords. This tv show tells the story of Fess the necromancer, who keeps the secret of the magical and highly desirable Diamond and Wooden swords. The series will begin with the initial battle for the swords, which ultimately end up in the hands of Fess. Once Fess obtains the swords, he is caught in the 'closed' world of Evial, and suffers the pressure of local inquisition. The world is full of magic, fantasy, epic battles and wizardry. Each season will focus on two books in the series.

Made in U.S.A.

Television/Web Series. Travel show

This is a comedy talk show where 3 hosts overview the latest news from all over the world. In the news show manner, they discuss what has happened lately and make ingenious comments upon different topics adding a tinge of humor to the things they talk about. In the second part of the program, they answer the questions, which are sent to them by the viewers from various countries concerning different aspects of life.

Love Abroad

Television/Web Series. Travel show

Reality show about two Americans going to Russia to find the perfect partner. Each person is going to choose from 7 candidates and have 7 days to pick the perfect match out of the candidates. Will they manage to fall in love abroad?

12 Calendar Girls

Television/Web Series. Travel show

Two big cities: New York and Nizhny Novgorod. 6 young ladies from USA and 6 young ladies from Russia will swap their lives and compare cultures for one month. The women will be from totally different lifestyles from business women, students, artists, housewives and dignitaries. For some it may be culture shock, others may not be able to handle the pressures. Let’s see who can make it through the month.

Stars From RUS

Talent Agency

Stars From RUS is a talent agency that brings exposure to undiscovered Russian talent, including all varieties of artists, models and performers. Russia, being the biggest countries in the world, has a diverse network of people with all kinds of skills. STARS FROM RUS aims to discover and promote this talent by offering a go-to site for casting directors, producers, and talent scouts.

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C.O.W. (Crepes on Wheels)

Fast-food Restaurant

A new chain of mobile fast-food restaurants specializing in healthy crepe sandwiches. Common savory fillings for crêpes include: cheese, asparagus, ham, spinach, eggs, ratatouille, mushrooms, artichoke (in certain regions), and various meat products. When sweet, they can be eaten as dessert. They can be filled with various other sweet items: jam, chocolate, dairy, ice cream, Nutella, bananas, berries, nuts, poppy seeds, cinnamon, etc. Popular sweet toppings include sugar (granulated or powdered,) maple syrup, lemon juice, whipped cream, fruit spreads, sliced soft fruits, etc. Crepes can be made for diabetics (gluten-free) as well as dairy-free crepes.

Kolobok Bakery

Fast-food Restaurant

A unique chain of bakery shops specializing in traditional homemade Russian pies and soups. Our production is based on natural ingredients, without food preservatives and aromas. It is made with the addition of only natural and organic oils, vegetables and fish. The dough is made from different types of flour, including gluten-free. Our pirozhki and pies, have a simple round form, as well as dozens of delicious and original fillings, that will certainly impress any gourmets. “Kolobok Bakery” can occupy a building, be located in a shopping mall, business center or food truck. In any case it will be characterized with home comfort, unique color, a big selection of fresh and high-quality baking – and that is why our guests will love it.

World Craftsmanship fair

Real Estate

A year-round cultural market located in New York City featuring handmade crafts from around the world, exhibitions, classes and events. Representatives of the participating countries independently organize their expositions, which are placed on the exhibition area throughout the year, taking into account the previously developed media plan. Thus, the exposition of the exhibition will be constantly updated. In addition to the exhibition itself, master classes and general cultural events are constantly held in the same space (national dance, vocal, theatrical and instrumental groups, fashion shows, etc.), international conferences and seminars. A separate line in our project is an interactive component - the visitors of the exhibition will be able not only to get acquainted with the unique crafts from around the world, but also independently, with their own hands, together with the masters, to create unique works of folk-art crafts and take them home.